Creative Writing: Unprofessional Communication

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I informed Brittany Chromcak of the conversation that I had with Brenda in regards to working overtime. She requested that Brenda come to her office, so that she and I could review the matter with Brenda. When Brenda came in she did not have a sit she stood. Brittany asked her why she had made the comment about the wall’s being thin because she did no hear what we had said because Cheryl had speakers on in her office so she did not hear anything. Brenda became very upset and raised her voice to Brittany and continued to accuse Brittany of listening into our conversation. She continued by stating that she knew that I had nothing with her not being allowed to work the overtime. Brittany tried to explained to her that we could not justify letting her work the overtime if still did not fully understand the…show more content…
Brittany asked if there was something else and Brenda stated yes she expressed to Brittany that she felt that she was unprofessional. Brittany asked her to elaborate; Brenda stated that Brittany never acknowledged her, or the two other co-workers that sat near her in the morning as. Brenda informed Brittany that she never acknowledged her when passing in the hall. She stated that others in the section felt the same as she in regards to this matter. Brittany attempted to explain to Brenda that she isn’t a morning person, and that she didn’t make a habit of greeting others. Brenda continued to express how unprofessional this was in a very aggressive manner. After in few minutes, Brenda said that she did not want to be doing the memos any longer because she wasn’t interested in
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