Creative Writing: Vampire Slayer

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"Well I'm certainly not putting that in my mouth. I can smell it from here. And it's a school night you bad influence." Buffy's nose scrunched at the smell of the beer in Spikes hand. At some point Buffy had let herself get dragged into a demon bar-to Spikes hilarity and her seemingly endless suffering. Things with hairy horns and extra eyes were out to play in full tonight and Buffy kept mentally checking her stowed stakes. She thought about Giles taking in the sights here, breaking out dusty texts classifying whatchamacallit monsters and who's it type creatures. She definitely shouldn't be here. "I definitely shouldn't be here." Buffy talked through her teeth, breathing into Spikes ear over the din of the bar. For a fractional second he was reminded that usually he either bit or shagged or…show more content…
"You're here, aren't you? Might do well to remember humans aren't the only people." Spike wasn't sure why that jab among many hit his ear strange. His glare had little bite though, and she wasn't apologetic so much as annoyed by his attitude. "I didn't figure you for political. Human, yes, that's what I meant. Why would humans hang out here? I'm not hanging out here I'm.... Keeping an eye on you." Her chin jutted out, and he almost wanted to laugh. Of course she wouldn't have fun here, the whole idea seemed bloody ridiculous now. But they were interrupted by a large green man thing, towering over them, casting a shadow over their spot at the bar. Sodding hell. "Here to make good, Spike?" The thing's tone didn't sound too friendly to Buffy. "You still owe me for losing me my best vampire help." Spike recognized the demon, a low level baddie who fancied himself tough because he was big and smelly. Some vampires flocked to guys like that, especially young ones looking for power and a name bigger than their
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