Creative Writing: Van Eck's Beach Home

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He hadn’t slept in days. He wouldn’t sleep until everything was somewhat normal. He had made everyone stay up all night until they had a plan. They didn’t sleep very well that night. “This will work if you all do this right.” Kaz snapped. No one had slept in days when he’d thought about it. They all were cranky. They were right where they needed to be. They were at Van Eck’s beach house. They needed to collect Van Eck’s 30 million dollars he owed them. They would tell Van Eck and of course, like always, and they would give him the money and get Inej back. “Ready, GO!” Kaz shouted. All of them started running. Nina and Matthias ran up the side of the beach house. This place is to perfect, Kaz thought. They both came running after Inej was gone.
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