Creative Writing: Why Are You Trying To Kill Me?

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“Why are you trying to kill me?” The shady black figure answered with another blast of olive colored goo burning a hole where I was standing just a moment before. The brick colored basement of my house was covered with webs of razor sharp silk impossible to break through. “ If you don’t stop I am going to use my trump card! So I suggest that you back down now and let me seal your soul.” With that threat, the cloaked figure hesitated but kept chasing me throughout the halls I had travelled my whole life. As I was running, I pulled out a shiny object that was covered in various colored jewels that must have been worth about $5,000,000. “Oh sorceress of the deep, lend me your strength to defeat my foes!” A blinding light flashed and suddenly…show more content…
I’ve been worried sick!” My girlfriend yelled when we started walking home from school the next day. “I collected another metal vessel, this time it was a spider!” “Don’t ever get that vessel near me!” Alana said. We walked together in silence all the rest of the way home. Alana and I had been dating for three or four months now. We met at a cosplay convention when we were younger and went to the same school ever since then. She was an archer, ever since she received private training from her boss she has never missed a target. When we stopped in front of her house, and she gave me a small peck on the cheek “Make sure you call me tomorrow, okay?” She said with a bitter sweet tone in her voice “Don’t worry, I will!” And with that she went inside, I was still standing outside her house when I heard a rustle in the bushes. Almost in the blink of an eye I heard it move to the roof of her house. Then I saw it, a little boy in rags was standing up there with four kunai in each hand. I blinked and then he was gone. Curious about the boy, I headed home recapping what all had happened that day. “Hey Sis, i’m home.” I yelled up the stairs to my younger sister, she was about as tall
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