Creative Writing: Why I Hate School

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Hi my named Juan.I am 11 year old. I go to 6th grade.I hate school but my mom tell me to go to school.he hate his teacher but one day the teacher don’t come back .they had a sub.that sub was evil he was prison for years.When it was time to go out because of the teacher said no.he called their parents had to pay a lot of money to get their kid back.they called the police officer they have to pay a lot of money to get the kid out of here or they die. You have 48 hours to get the money.The popo came in there.but the sub new how they're coming.The kid want to go to restroom so he take them to the restroom.When they were at the restroom the popo came in .They were look around but they dont find no cul.The popo leave.the sub came in the classroom
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