Creative Writing: Xia's Guilty

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Xia couldn't help but feel a little guilty when she seen embarrassment creep up on the other woman's face, what did she have to be embarrassed over? [b]" Three sets of clothes? That must be nice! I only have what I have on, what I came to this country in."[/b], she admitted with a shrug obviously not embarrassed by her own admission at all. Xia was the type to spend a lot of her time in her hound form anyways so clothing wasn't a huge deal. [b]" Nothing to be embarrassed about."[/b] As least she tried to clothe herself, she knew a few people that would gladly walk around naked without a second thought. She was one of those people but it was frowned upon in the rebellion so she at least tried to follow the rules. [b]" I would hate to go against someone like you, pretty sure I wouldn't stand a chance against something like that!"[/b]…show more content…
She wanted to ask she really did but it seemed even she didn't know for sure what it was. Oh well. Xia tried her hardest to wrap her mind around everything the woman was saying, nodding in acknowledgment as she tried to explain exactly what was going on. [ b]" Ouch."[/b] she said simply unable to imagine what it would be like to be harmed by the cold in such a way. How could she stand it? Xia didn't enjoy being hurt in any way shape or form so the thought of walking outside and it feeling like she was being smacked seemed to make her cringe. [b]" I don't think I could ever really understand what is going on with you."[/b] She was honest though she doubted many people away from her own bloodline would ever fully grasp exactly what her power did to her or how it even worked for that matter. [b]" It's cool though~! I like it. Very unique and different from your typical fire based bloodlines you see walking
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