Creative Writing: Yagali's Home

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Yagali's body shakes violently, as if she was a tiny leaf, in the midst of a giant storm. Her body was burning against the cooling night air. The land was quiet now, normally you could see the fireflies dancing above in the night sky with the stars softly twinkling, but tonight the stars weren't shining as bright and the fireflies were all gone. The ocean also seemed different; it was still lapping up against her ankles as it has always done, but now it feels so forbearing. Maybe it was because of her mother, who was lying against her, lifelessly.

Her mother's body was swollen with white sores and the sand was covering her face from all the twisting and turning she did earlier. Her baby sister had rolled out of her mother's arms and was lying face down in the sand. There was no
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He struggled to breathe as he slept. Sometimes a coughing fit left him gasping for air, but he still did not wake up. Yagali found this comforting, as it let her know that her brother was still breathing, still alive. She knew originally he wasn't sick. However, he decided to stay with them, until the end. Yagali was too afraid of dying alone, so she didn't tell Nanberry to go with the rest of the clan, to go with Colbee, his uncle, and live. It was all her fault, she would be the cause of her brother's death. Yagali had to bite her lip to keep in another cry of pain to allow Nanberry his rest, as she didn't want to him to worry about her.

That's when she knew it; they were all going to die from this disease, which was spreading across their land. Her auntie was the first to die, next was her baby sister and her mother too. She knew it was going to take her life too. Tears surged down from her eyes saturating the ground. Her body was like a burning fire. As the sun rose, the next morning, she will disappear like the night. She couldn't handle it anymore the heat and the pain were
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