Creative Writing: You Ditched Chase

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“You ditched Chase and took off. Didn’t answer my calls. What the fuck was I supposed to think?” He hasn’t calmed down. He’s not used to anyone defying him. “Think about this Kane,” I snarl back at him. “Think about how pissed I am that you put Chase on me. Think about how maybe I didn’t feel like dealing with you while I was riding and think about how I’m not someone who asks permission to get on her bike and take a fucking ride.” I stare him down, takes practice when you have to do it staring up at someone, and let him see how angry I am. “I can’t believe you brought the whole damn club down on my ass Kane,” I add to my rant. “All I wanted to do was take a slow ride to the mall and get some new clothes without a babysitter on my tail.…show more content…
Why the hell are you fighting me on this Alessandra?” The man is exasperating and getting on my last nerve with this protection crap. “Who else has a man following them around Kane? Who else do you not trust to be able to handle themselves?” He doesn’t get the fact that he’s making me claustrophobic and his protection detail shows everyone in the club he sees me as weak. “The Dallas chapter never put a man on me,” I continue. “It makes me look weak, like I can’t handle my own shit. I don’t like that feeling.” “I have never met a woman stronger than you Alessandra, but I won’t stop doing what I have to do for you, me and the club. You’re just going to have to make peace with that.” I fire back. “I’ll never make peace with…show more content…
He did seem to enjoy the stop at Victoria’s Secret though. I’m not big on shopping but I blame Kane for today’s retail therapy session. The house is dark and empty when I pull up. My purchases stay in my saddle bags. There’s a possibility I might be looking for a place to stay tonight. Chase takes off once I’m inside. No doubt he’s in a hurry to get back to the rally and join in the festivities. His replacement is probably already on property somewhere. On the kitchen counter I find a note from Kane with a bottle of pain pills sitting on top—the ones with the Codeine. Really! Take two. Talk in the morning. K What the hell? He wants me to incapacitate myself with drugs so he can stay out and party without having to deal with me. Fuck that. I return to the garage and grab one of my new outfits. I shimmy into a pair of red pants that hug every inch of my legs straight down to my ankles, and slip on a white blouse with a plunging neckline. While most women would pair this look with heels, I tuck the pant legs into my chunky black biker boots. I’m not averse to wearing makeup but I generally don’t. Tonight, I add some color to my cheeks and spend a good amount of time making up my eyes giving them a seductive smoky
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