Creative and Innovative Solutions to Water Scarcity

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The list below are some creative and innovative solutions to water scarcity. Very basic technology, such as rainwater collection, water filtration, building wells and water desalination can be some solutions, but they are not included in this list, as it is already very common and many countries/communities/fundraisers have employed these technologies already. Innovative Technology P&G PUR Packets (for cities/towns with contaminated water) The PUR packet is a small pack of powder that can quickly turn 10 liters of dirty water to clean and drinkable water. Developed by P&G and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the PUR packet removes pathogenic microorganisms and suspended matter, making previously contaminated water clean. Watch a video of how it works: Atmospheric Humidity Collector (for cities/towns with lack of water) Lima, Peru is one of the driest places on Earth and over 700,000 people have no access to clean water. However, Lima's atmospheric humidity is over 90 percent. Therefore, Peru's University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC) thought of a way to turn the humid air into clean and drinkable water. They built a humidity-collecting billboard in the Bujama District of Lima. Electricity from the city's power lines runs the five condensers inside the billboard. When air contacts the cooled surfaces of the condensers, the air also cools, and the water vapor in the air condenses into liquid water. After
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