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Creativeness is something that I admire about things. If it is creative then it is unique and is something that other people have not seen. To me, creative means different and beautiful in its own way. This means that the work should have some sort of meaning that people can see or understand. This also means that the work should be unique. The way I express my creativeness is through graffiti. I love to make graffiti drawings because they can demonstrate very powerful points or situations that are ignored by the world. I also love to see the different types of graffiti drawings there are because they are creative. I think that graffiti is creative because it has meaning and it is beautiful. For example, there are some graffiti paintings in…show more content…
I love to solve math equations because it makes me feel great joy to know that I got the correct answer. I get frustrated when I do not get the correct answer because that means that I did not comprehend the process that I have to take to get the correct answer. I also like math because some of the equations that I have to solve are long and makes me exercise my brain. Math is like a puzzle sometimes because you have to put the correct numbers in the correct spots or the equation will not work. Just like in some puzzles you have to put the correct piece in the correct spot or the puzzle will not work. This subject has shown me not to give up with things even if they are complicated. I do not quit trying until I get the correct answer for the problem. This subject has shown me that things can be complicated but I will be able to overcome them if I do not stop trying. This subject has always been fun to me and has always been interesting to me. This subject has made me think about becoming a math teacher in some occasions. I feel like I would do a great job at teaching how math is done. I am always helping other classmates in math class and explaining how to do the equation. My classmates have told me that I am good at math and at explaining how it is done and that makes me feel good about myself. Math is my favorite subject because it makes me feel good about myself, I get to exercise my brain, it teaches me not to give up and because I get to help
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