Creativity And Innovation For Entrepreneurs

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Creativity and innovation for entrepreneurs taught me how to approach creativity and how to go about the process of creating. I learned that emphasizing ideas and thinking processes help build and organize the framework for an action-oriented project. I have gained new skills by using the seven-step process, developing a motivational plan, and learning how to assess my creative confidence and intelligence. I found that the seven-step process is an effective tool that helps create a vision, understand the current reality and take action. As more people learn about the seven-step process, organizational skills levels increase and can lead to even greater results. Business’s can utilize this tool to help create a wide range of new processes that develop and advance the organization’s culture. Additionally, I have gained insight on how to develop motivational plan to achieve a goal by discovering your strengths to reach objectives and then develop a plan to reach that particular goal. Motivation is important in the business world because it gives people more willingness to get the job done efficiently, resulting in higher productivity, and satisfied customers, leading to increased revenues. I always thought that if you want people to perform better you reward them. However, according to Daniel pink rewarding people to be motivational truly narrows focus and limits possibilities – higher incentives lead to worse performance. David Kelly defines creative confidence as the natural
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