Creativity And Inspiration

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As a child, I was very creative. I loved to sing, dance, act, read, and paint. I would jump on the chance to do anything that allowed me to flex my creative muscle, except write. Stories of any kind intrigued me in particular. If I read a book, I would be so completely absorbed into the story line that I felt as if I were part of the story. I liked to repeat these stories to my friends and watch their faces as they lit up in wonder. When I wasn’t telling them a story, I was coming up with an elaborate adventure for us to act out. These acts of creativity and inspiration never seemed to make their way into my school work no matter how hard I tried. I was my most creative when I wasn’t told to be so. As soon as I had a deadline or was told to take my ideas and put them on paper I was utterly lost. My imagination would discover new inspiration all the time. I would find a muse out of anything and have an entire storyline running through my head, just itching to be put into words. Often I would have what I thought was a brilliant idea for a book, but as soon as my pen hit the paper, my brain would empty and all my great ideas would vanish. Sometimes I would choose to draw the cover first and spend all my energy on that, and then lose all inspiration as soon as I saw the blank screen in front of me. Even to this day I consider myself to be inflicted with the terrible curse of “White Page Syndrome”. While not fatal, this disease has often caused me other symptoms such as stress…
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