Creativity And The Creative Thinking

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CREATIVITY “Seeing what everyone else has seen And Thinking what no one else has thought” -Einstein and Feynman INTRODUCTION “Creative thinking brings about new things – innovations .........Creative people are those who produce such innovations and the creative process consist of the psychological processes involved in bringing about innovations” (Weisberg, 2006.) Creativity/creative thinking is a quality that every executive/manager should possess. However, creativity is not just a quality that any creative person possesses or is not just a concept which can be developed by research. Creativity is innate but not everyone is blessed with it. As a matter of fact creativity is developed by need for it and those experiences leading to generate creative ideas by means of getting involved into those situations or problems that require you to be creative. The following words by a great innovator of the last century ,Isadora Duncan(1930) who developed great dancing styles merely based on everyday activities of running, moving, skipping and rightly so said- “I wonder how many adults realise that by the so-called education they are giving their children, they are only driving them into the commonplace and depriving them of any chance of doing anything beautiful or original” (Bruce 2011) Any problem either
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