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In your own experience, how has your creativity developed through using digital technologies to complete your coursework productions? Creativity has been defined in several different ways by various media theorists. In 1997, Bentley explained creativity as ‘The making of the new and rearranging of the old’. This is something that throughout the course of the project from the preliminary tasks to the main products I have been able to do. At the start of the course, we analysed the contents pages and front covers of college magazines and had to create our own original college magazine. However, despite creating a new product, we still had to take inspiration and follow codes and conventions from the college magazines we had previously…show more content…
All magazines receive some degree of feedback from customers, whether this be filling out reviews and surveys on the content, writing in to try and win competitions or even complaining about the use of grammar and the English language, although this is something typically seen more frequently in newspaper broadsheets. The physical act of this communication though, leads us to a theory from Banaji, Burn & Buckingham in 2006. They say that technology allows us to be creative when we are not inherently so, and though I feel that as a species, humans are creative, I think that technology allows us to take this even further. Initially we drew the rough drafts for our magazine front covers and contents pages on paper as an indication of how we wanted them to look. Some of these drawings were creative and interesting; however, actually creating them on a computer, using photoshop, InDesign and photographs that we had taken ourselves, this allowed us to complete the products with a greater degree of professionalism and a more vibrant, interesting look. Also, with the advancement of technology in the 21st century, consumers can be more creative regarding how they communicate with the magazine – something which we had to be aware of when creating it. Where previously
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