Creativity In Aldus Huxley's Brave New World

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Humans have become more creative as time has gone on. This can be justified through different movements in history, such as the enlightenment age, or the romanticism era. But the change that creativity may bring can be looked at as a very dangerous thing, as it can be costly or destructive in some cases. Except that being original and innovative can help move a species into a more efficient production lifestyle, as Aldus Huxley Shows in, “Brave New World” of how such a trait can create a whole new world for the people living within, as well as how the same ability can be easily taken away. In today’s modern society, people are facing similar problems to ones those in Huxley’s novel face as well. Showing how, the loss of funding for the arts …show more content…

Since people’s views only go as far as seeing programs like painting, drawing, choir or orchestra -to which can help develop one’s creativity- as just a distraction towards more important classes, such as science or math. Though multiple studies prove, “Schools with long-standing art programs have higher graduation rates. In many instances, art classes motivate students to stay in school, especially low-achieving students, by fostering closer ties with peers and creating community-oriented environments” (Metla). Showing, how schools with art programs can serve as a motivation for a student’s need for success. Not only do programs like art or music motivate, but classes taught at college levels also show how subjects like, “The humanities teach something. Their subject matter is culture, and since everything human beings do is mediated by culture -- by language, by representations, by systems of values and beliefs -- knowing how to understand other languages, interpret cultural expressions, and evaluate belief systems is as indispensable to functioning effectively in the professional world as knowing how to use a computer. This knowledge may or may not make you a better person; it can certainly make you more productive and successful in the workplace” (Menand). To which, undoubtedly justifies the importance of classes like the humanities, because there is basic knowledge that can be learned and applied to one’s life. Furthermore showing how many “Schools across the country have faced budget shortfalls in recent years, a common cost-cutting measure is to slash funding for arts education, prioritizing what are deemed more essential subjects such as math, reading, and science” (Fang). When schools focus less on classes that enhance a student's creative and innovative thinking, then there is less of a chance that

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