Creativity Is Essential For Success

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Creativity involves the production of ‘new and innovative ideas’ (Muldner and Burleson, 2015). Ward (2004) claimed that creativity is also outlined by ‘the ability to move beyond what currently exists and to generate and implement new ideas’. This suggests that in order to progress, creativity is a vital skill to learn and he therefore suggested that we should be teaching it in schools and expanding the perceptions of children. Not only is creativity essential for success in the workplace due to the fast paced technological society that we live in, it also is beneficial to emotional growth and academic success (Niepel et al, 2015).
It helps expand our perceptions of the world and keeps life fulfilling and interesting to us. The root
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This may also influence how we define creativity, when you have a pre-existing idea of what a creative person is like, you may develop the way you define it and stereotype to the labels you already currently hold. One study suggested that this stereotype of coming across as ‘crazy’ if you are creative, could impact the way creativity is researched, as it would cloud the real judgement. (Plucker, Beghetto, and Dow, 2004).

1.2 Measuring creativity and ways it can be expressed
Creativity proves very challenging to measure as it is so diverse and can be expressed differently in everyone, which explains its difficulty to define. There is no set scale of creativity. Due to the complicated nature of defining creativity, it is hard to measure and generalise results. In this study I attempted to operationalize creativity by finding the prominent themes that arose when asking the participants’ their experiences of creativity and their thoughts around the subject.
Creativity can be expressed in many different ways; one method could be to express ourselves through the use of social media. A study by Pimentel and Diniz (2014) investigated creativity and social media. They found that by revealing ourselves to other people through the use of social media platforms like Instagram, we are actually making a self-revelation. We use social media to express our feelings
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