Creativity Is The Base Of Human Development

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Creativity is the base of human development. School’s were first created to help their people to be skillful and mentally capable of withstanding all problems. Times have changed, and the morals of education have altered as well. In today’s world students from the U.S. are taught and pushed to memorize information instead of being encouraged to learn how to think critically through it. Professors should emphasize more on the importance of ingenuity, than the importance of getting a good grade. Although schools in America have flourished, the individuality of these students has decreased. Today 's educational system has affected creativity in a negative manner because there is more to intelligence than one 's capacity for logic. The…show more content…
Overall, students, teachers, and parents need to teach children and young adolescents the significance of creativity and how it can positively affect one’s life. “IBM poll of 1,500 CEOs identified creativity as the No. 1 “leadership competency” of the future” (Bronson and Merryman). Creativity consists of both convergent and divergent thinking. Convergent thinking deals with the skill and drill mechanisms of the brain; the idea of an answer is either right or wrong. Divergent thinking consists of being able to construct multiple solutions to one problem. Brainstorming would be an example of divergent thinking because it is an outline of possible ideas connected to one topic. Within a classroom convergent thinking is more addressed and taught, than divergent thinking which could be a possible reason towards why creativity scores have plummeted. A common misconception of creativity is those who are more talented within the arts are more likely to be skilled within the area of originality. Although, psychologist and professor at the University of Georgia’s Mark Runco stated that, “when scholars gave creativity tasks to both engineering majors and music majors their scores laid down within the same averages and standard deviations” (Bronson and Merryman). Creativity, like any other material, can be trained, practiced, and manipulated to become muscle memory. Dancers, athletes, musicians, and artists each represent different forms of creativity and perfected.
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