Creativity and Innovation Worksheet

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Concepts of Creativity and Innovation Worksheet
Concept Application of Concept in Scenario Citation of Concept in Reading Personal Experience in your Organization
Three types of innovation: Incremental, Semi-Radical, And Radical. “Incremental innovation leads to small improvements to existing products and business processes… Radical innovation results in new products or services delivered in entirely new ways.” In the past five years Best Snacks has instituted incremental innovations that have simply built on previously successful marketing methods such as new packaging sizes. Elizabeth Fairchild is convinced that in order to continue to succeed, more innovative products need to be developed. These new products could fall under
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“To encourage explorative learning, organizations must encourage experimenting, the process of generating new alternatives and testing the validity of old ones… To test new ways of behaving, such as new ways to serve customers or to manufacture a product, managers can run experiments that deviate only slightly from what the organization is currently doing… Managers who are willing to experiment avoid overcommitment to previously worked-out solutions, reduce the likelihood of misinterpreting a situation, and can learn from their failures.” Part of the process over the next 12 months that Best Snacks is going to undertake is experimenting with new processes that will make the company more efficient and improve processes. This will avoid the temptation of staying with the old procedures that are not working anymore. The employees currently do not believe they are allowed to explore or be innovative – it needs to be stressed that their creativity is welcome. Jones, 2004, p. 391 While managing a race car museum I experimented with product layout and inventory procedures in order to improve efficiency and sales. I also experimented with scheduling in order to test the efficiency of the sales team.

Learning systems for innovation: Systems for delivering value: These systems reflect what the organization knows and make this knowledge exploit in
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