Creativity and Innovation in the Workplace - Nokia Case Study

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Creativity and Innovation in the Workplace

“Identify and organisation that you consider to be innovative. Briefly describe the organisation you have chosen and its approach to innovation.”

James Devine
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Executive Summary

This report was to investigate how the Nokia Corporation has been innovative since it was originally founded as Nokia AB in 1865. This report also looks into what Nokia has done to be considered innovative, how that innovation has paid off and what challenges the company faces now, and in the future.
The main findings were that Nokia has been very innovative politically, strategically and through new creations. The main focus of
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The new company was involved in many industries, producing at one time or another paper products, car and bicycle tires, footwear (including rubber boots), communications cables, televisions and other consumer electronics, personal computers, electricity generation machinery, robotics, capacitors, military communications and equipment (such as the SANLA M/90 device and the M61 gas mask for the Finnish Army), plastics, aluminium and chemicals. Each section of the business had its own Director who reported to the President of the corporation Bjorn Westerlund. Westerlund was responsible for Nokia first going into telecommunications. Over the next twenty years Nokia dabbled in telecommunications but in 1990, Nokia left everything else behind to focus on telecommunications, selling off the other sections of the corporation.
Nokia Corporation has grown from a small mill in Finland to being listed as the 14th most valuable global brand in the Interbrand/BusinessWeek Best Global Brands list of 2011. The way this company has grown is through a series of innovations which we will look at in this report.

Why is Nokia Innovative?

From the 1970s Nokia has been working within the telecommunications industry. In 1979, Nokia formed the radio telephone company Mobira Oy (Mobira Ltd) alongside Finnish television manufacturer Salora. This helped put the company in

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