Credibility Of Democracy Research Paper

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Democracy considered by many to be the most challenging form of government, usually created in reaction to a controlling or abusive prior government. (1) Idealistically, it puts the power of change in the hands of the common people. Every single person, regardless of income, education level, or political affiliation, gets an equal say in how things go.

The United States is a democratic republic, meaning that the officials do the actual law making based at least partly on or limited by the public opinion of their constituents - those that elected the official. It would be a very difficult process to hold a mass election every time a law needed to be put on the books, but the control is still at least marginally given to the people in choosing who makes those laws.

The question of value and liability for democracy arises here, when one considers how public opinion is formed. Does political ignorance pose a danger to the integrity of our political system? What controls are in place to ensure that public opinion is not completely swayed by those in power,
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News is on every every day, there are feeds and apps that feed information tailored to one’s interests directly to their phones, tablets, and desktops. Blogs give endless opinions on the current issues, and everyone from celebrities to housewives can be very vocal regarding their support or dissidence for individuals, laws, or policies in the making. (5)

The media can frequently have an agenda, and it is not always clear what is objective reporting and what is clearly biased towards the reporter or anchor’s personal opinions when presented. Yellow journalism is characterized by sensationalist headlines, or scare headlines, images that attract attention and are intended to arouse emotion in the reader, skewed presentations of facts and sometimes even fictitious data or support from fake experts has been
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