Credible Propaganda

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Credible Propaganda
From the very early stages of the Cold War, the United States (U.S.) government realized that in order to run a successful propaganda against the Soviet Union, the information must be as credible as possible. President Harry Truman “called for a Campaign of Truth to counteract the Soviet Union’s “big lie”” . I argue that credibility was one of the key elements that enabled the U.S. to become the dominate Cold War super power. For instance, Radio Free Europe (RFE) and Radio Liberty (RL), radio stations that broadcasted outside the U.S., agreed that “if their message was to have any effect, it had to be fact based, balanced, and credible to an often skeptical audience” . In its effort to be credible, RL was criticized of being
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For example, during international trade fairs and world’s fairs, the U.S. sent businessmen “to popularize their gospel of free trade” . These people were credible because they were really successful and made their money by participating in a capitalistic economy. Thus, they were a great way to advertise U.S.’s economic system just by showing to foreigners successful American citizens. The U.S. government also used specific individuals in order to promote its credible propaganda. Eisenhower appointed Clare Boothe Luce, a glamourous divorcee who did not hesitate to express her opinion, United States Ambassador to Italy. Luce told the President: “I am a woman and the Italians will not like dealing with a woman” . Although she was correct, her gender and controversial character were exactly what Eisenhower wanted to export abroad. Luce embodied the concept of career woman and was the living proof that America allows individuals to express themselves even if they are not politically correct. There were times when the lines between credible propaganda and unclear information were blurred, but by and large, the U.S. government strove to build its propaganda based on fact based information, which ultimately brought
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