Credit Card At A Later Time

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1. When you get to the point of arranging for payment with the family, and the family is going to pay with one or more credit cards, what are your next steps?
• Do you take their Credit Card to the back office and create a cash receipt in HMIS and “swipe” the Credit Card on an EPD (toaster)? Our policy at this location is to require some form of payment with completion of amount owed prior to rendering of services. It is our typical stance that we “swipe” the card immediately creating a cash receipt even if this involves multiple credit cards. Our machine is located in the back, through a door and in the corner. That’s quite a distance from the family and some time for the OM to stop what they’re doing and get into HMIS to process the payment.
• Do you take the Credit Card information and process the receipt as a “manual key” credit card at a later time? We rarely if ever do a manual key as the “swipe” method works very well.
• If neither of the above two are done, what is your process for charging a customer’s credit card?

2. In the future, if there was a credit card device located inside the arrangement room that would allow you to enter the HMIS contract number and total amount to charge on the credit card, and then “swipe” the credit card to charge the customer and during this process, the cash receipt was automatically created in HMIS and posted, would you utilize this device/process? Absolutely, I have already considered…
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