Credit Card Vs. Credit Cards

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In today’s economy cash or a credit card is needed to meet the basic human need. It is a clear fact that we need cash or credit to purchase items such as food, clothing, to pay bills, as well as buy gas for our daily travels. However, when you are out shopping and discover that you have used all the cash in your possession, which is when we realize that the benefit of having a credit card is very beneficial. Although cash and credit cards are similar in that, they both are used to pay for goods and service. Both can be useful for the card user when they are managed wisely. While both cash and credit card share several differences that can affect the individuals who have them such as being stolen, high- interest rate, and personal identity. With cash you are limited to the amount that is in your wallet or purse, unlike with a credit card, you are allowed to pay for your purchase at a later date. Both cash and credit cards are similar in that they both are easy to carry around, and used to pay for goods and service at the time of purchase. When making a purchase using cash, the items are paid for in full. Cash is broadly accepted in every establishment such as department’s stores, food chains, grocery stories, as well as schools and more. Moreover, using your money to pay monthly bills carries significant benefits such as increasing your credit rating. Same as with cash, when buying with a credit card it allows you to pay for all your items in full as well. Equally,
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