Credit Cards And Credit Card Debt

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In today’s world most people have a credit card by the time they turn eighteen years old. Nerd Walt, a financial website, stated “Average credit card debt in 2013 reached $15,480 per household in the United States”. (Bower) The average household credit card debt has probably increase since the 2013 study. “Overall U.S. National debt is rapidly approaching $18 trillion” (Bower). “20% of credit card users often pay off monthly balances on two or more credit cards” according to a study (Bower). In today’s society it is normal to swipe a credit card to buy your children Christmas, because credit card companies now offer rewards where an individual receives money back or maybe even a discount flight. People used to not want to buy their children’s Christmas on credit, but rather work a little harder and save up the money to buy it. Children now days see their parents buying them stuff on credit card, so when they become teenagers they expect to receive everything they want even if their parents cannot afford it. When the child becomes a teenager, and they are finally old enough to get a credit card they take advantage of the credit card. Young adults should learn to spend their money wisely and efficiently at that age. Most young adults my age have a credit card and take advantage of it. I have been eighteen now for a year, and I have been attending college for six months now, and I still don’t have a credit card. When I want to go buy a new outfit or a new electric item, I

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