Credit Cards. Most Of Use Them. Most Of Us Don’T Use Them.

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Credit cards. Most of use them. Most of us don’t use them. I personally have multiple credit cards and I use only credit cards for all of my daily purchases. And the reason why is because it is better than using cash and a debit card in almost every possible way.
As a guy who lives with a frugal lifestyle, I often find myself baffled when people don’t use their credit cards often. It’s either cash or debit card, which is understandable, but not reasonable.
I want to share my knowledge and experience that I have in using credit cards on a daily basis, so that everyone in this room can walk out with a different perspective of using a credit card.
To begin with, let’s discuss one of the most disposable payment method, cash and the
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Which falls perfectly with debit cards as none of that problem exists since every transaction swiped with a card is kept with the bank as stated by Fox Business. However, that fact alone doesn’t save debit cards from their own faulty reasons in using one.
Security and fraud protection is one of the biggest reason why a person should avoid using a debit card. Under the Fair Credit Billing Act of 1975, both the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and EFTA (European Free Trade Association) states that if you lose your debit card to theft, you only have a limited amount of time to report the lost before your entire checking account gets drained (Consumer Information, The Federal Trade Commission). It can get even worst. CNN interviewed a science fiction author named Jay Lake, who was battling advanced colon cancer and managed to fundraise over $20,000 to help battle against the cancer (Pepitone, Julianne). As positive as that made sound, Lake was enraged when he found out that PayPal froze his account as they needed documents to approve the large transaction. In fact, PayPal, and among other payment operators has the right to freeze an account up to 180 days according to their term of service (User Agreement, PayPal). To put it another way, that is 6 months of not being able to access your money for any type of situations. Fortunately, Lake was already going viral back then and PayPal was able to unfreeze his account within 72 hours.
Another key point to mention about

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