Credit Recovery Essay

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Summary Across the United States, high school students can encounter a variety of issues that hinder their ability to successfully complete course work to earn the required credits towards graduation. High schools across the United States have an obligation to ensure that students are achieving and receiving a diploma. It is also in the school’s best interest to ensure students are gradating both funding wise and for the overall school rating. When a student does not receive a high school diploma the action affects the student, community and the school. High school dropouts may find it harder to obtain a job that would provide a stable and productive income verses a high school graduate thus, the financial disadvantage in turn can cause…show more content…
The school district has a responsibility to make sure their students graduate and are college and career ready. This online resource is still very new to the target district and this evaluate of this program will determine if it is meeting the student’ needs and is effectively meeting the learning goals and course outcomes. In the subject district credit recovery is intended to restore one or two classes at a maximum. This school district has a little under 3,000 9th -12th graders and uses Apex Credit Recovery software for their program. Students taking a course during the traditional school year must attend school 80 minutes longer than the other students but, the district covers the cost. If a student takes the online course in the summer the student must pay for the course themselves. This research plan is important as we are seeing an increased interest in the program, but before we can enroll additional students, we need to see if this program is making a difference in the completion rate. Moreover, the research will assist in deciding if it is beneficial to budget for additional user licenses if more students would be participating. This evaluate of the high school online learning software (APEX) will determine the effectiveness of the online program and in increasing high school graduation rates in this school district. The variables facing this study include being able to separate the credit
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