Credit Transactions Of The Original Production

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Credit transactions in the Original Production appear as “Discounts Straws:GRI.” For these transactions, quantities are listed as positive but the revenue associated with the transactions is $0. In contrast, transactions with “Inventory” in the name field in the Original Production seem to account for over $4 million in sorting revenue. What do these transactions represent? Are they actual sales? Why do these transactions no longer appear in the 2011-2015 data? In the Updated Production for the 2006-2010 period, some transactions for sorting services show quantities of zero and $0 revenue, but have a positive sales price. Are these cancelled service orders? If not, what do these transactions represent? For example, on October 30, 2008, ST shows a transaction with Select Sires for sorting where the sales price is $15.10, but the quantity is 0 and sales amount listed is $0 (ING_111940). In the Updated Production, certain sorting transactions reference “Research” or “R&D.” Most of these transactions have revenue associated with them. What are these transactions, and do they represent actual sales of sorting services? Some transactions from the Updated Production have $0 revenue and positive sale quantities. Most (but not all) such transactions are classified as “Sexed Semen (no-charge)” or “Conventional Semen (no-charge).” What types of transactions are recorded under “Sexed Semen (no-charge)” and “Conventional Semen (no-charge),” and why were customers not charged?

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