Cree Indian Greed

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The American dream- the thought that no matter background, enormous amounts of wealth can be achieved. In the fossil fuel industry, the ways of obtaining this desired wealth is often inhumane. Companies often turn their back on the environment, while at the same time harming other people who rely on the land. As Cree Indian Prophecy mentions, "Only when the last tree has died and the river has been poisoned and the last fish been caught only then will we realize we cannot eat money" ("The Truth About Factory Farming"). Man has neglected nature and others who rely on nature to make a fortune, and the ramifications are becoming evident. Our oceans are being polluted, and people have even lost their property, all for pointless greed.

The Dakota
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In Appalachia laws had to be passed to keep coal companies from buying mineral rights and forcing people off of their land. If a company had the rights to the minerals under the property, they could mine without consent. It is hard to bear the thought of someone being that ruthless, but greed can drive man to do horrible things. Thankfully, laws were passed that helped the owners of the land, surface owners, to be compensated. The owner of the natural resources, mineral owners, must pay the land owner a royalty for extracting the natural resource from the property. Also, all damages done to the property were covered by the company ("Kentucky Division of Oil and Gas"). A small price to pay for multi-millionaires to increase their vast…show more content…
In an article posted by CNN, it is revealed that "BP was ruled responsible for the release of 3.1 million barrels" (Griffin et al). The process of removing the oil is in progress, but there is still a magnitude of oil to be cleaned up. This disaster did not only affect the environment, but it also affected the workers involved. It is also mentioned in the article that eleven workers died. The disaster affected the lives of many people other than the oil rig workers, however. There have been some concerns about the quality of seafood being produced from the area, along with the health effects it had on the community. The New England Journal of Medicine mentions in their article that " Louisiana reported 415 self-identified health problems believed to be related to the Gulf oil spill" (Goldstein et al). The oil spill has had a profound effect on the gulf coast community and will continue to for many years to come. Hopefully, this horrible event can be a lesson for the future, so that more precautions are taken to benefit nature and

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