Creek Middle School Case Study

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Well it was January and teachers were ready for Spring 2008. The area superintendent was first on the morning agenda to share that Principal Mrs. C would no longer be a part of Creek Middle School, as she had decided to leave the district and seek employment elsewhere. The area superintendent was also there to introduce the interim principal that would be leading the campus until further notice. As Principal Mrs. D was being introduced teachers were whispering to one another about what was taking place at Creek Middle School. Principal Mrs. D took the floor and shared with staff about her experience as a teacher and principal. Mrs. D had actually retired after 35 years in education, and was a part of the district interim program where retirees…show more content…
D would walk the halls from day to day and visit classrooms from time to time. Often times students would inquire about who Mrs. D was. Just as teachers were being affected by the constant changes in leadership at Creek Middle School, so where the students. Principal Mrs. D had a hard time getting through to students, and she relied on the teachers to support her in reaching out to students with behavior problems. Students had very little respect for Mrs. D and it was obvious. It was as if the students had recognized the pattern of constant change in principals and they were acting out. Student discipline referrals were on the rise and academics seemed to be affected. Teachers found themselves trying to keep order as well as focus on instruction daily without a clear purpose or sense of direction. With so many changes taking place teachers started to focus more on their classrooms as opposed to the campus culture and climate. The idea of collaboration on campus was fading rapidly, and the climate shifted from collaborative to teachers performing in isolation. The assistant principals tried their best to keep students and teachers motivated, but they too were working in isolation. Creek Middle School just seemed to be spiraling downward. It was becoming more of a challenge for teachers at Creek Middle School to provide the instruction, support, and resources for student learning and academic growth. The school had become the lowest performing school in the district. By the end of Spring 2008, teachers and students were ready to move on to another year. Everyone was looking forward to
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