Creole Culture

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Mira Alphrette Meyers. 18. Female. African American. Born and raised in Miami. Unaffiliated with any religion. Fully capable. Lower middle class. Married parents. Heterosexual. Single. College freshman. Usually when I share these facts with people, they begin to play their own movie of who they think I am. However, these surface level facts only offer a limited view, a snapshot, of who I really am. While these are details play a part of who I am, they are not my sole being.
Anytime I tell people that I am from Miami, all that comes to their mind is big celebrity houses, sun-filled winters, and of course, who can forget about our beaches. Seldom does anybody think about the not-so glamourous parts of Miami. I grew up in Miami Gardens. I lived
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Like any other family, I was brought up under a set of values and beliefs, but I never ascribed them directly to one culture. After reflection, I realized most of the practices my family participates in comes from the creole culture. Both of my parents grew up in Louisiana so Mardi Gras, giving up a habit in honor of Lent, listening to creole based music, and happily consuming gumbo, jambalaya, and beignets were a common. Unlike the creole people, I am not a Roman Catholic. Growing up, my family was not involved with the church, that being I rarely went. While my parents did not wake me up to go to church every Saturday or Sunday, they still made sure I had a profound relationship with God. I do believe in God and I never skip a night without saying my prayers and giving thanks, but I do not affiliate myself with any religion. Asides from beliefs, values were crucial to my parents. Morals instilled in me include: not everyone believes in you, don’t live your life for others, do something because it makes you happy, there is no such thing as failure, only lessons to be learned to make you better, amongst others that are rooted into the core of what makes me who I am. I think the most important value my parents taught me is not everyone believes I am capable of greatness because of my skin and my…show more content…
The Miami Herald recognizes high school seniors who have maintained outstanding grades while contributing to their communities. I had a 5.2 grade point average and I created a community service project which I entitled Operation Calculation. The goal of Operation Calculation was to foster fundamental mathematical skills in Algebra 1 in order to supply knowledge necessary to pass state administered End of Course exams. May 20, 2015 creeped upon over five hundred anxious nominees. We were all assigned to seats based on our category and I ending up sitting by a young Caucasian male. He went out of his way to talk to everyone around him; everyone but me. He even went as far as to talk over me to talk to the young Caucasian female next to me. I begin to ask myself, ‘Am I putting off a negative vibe?’, ‘Is it because I am black?’ What was wrong with me that made me practically a plague to this boy? I begin to pay more attention to the people he deemed “worthy of his words” and I could not help but notice that they all shared one characteristic: they were all white. The ceremony started without a hitch and before I knew it, my name was called to go up on stage and claim my honorable mention award. I was in a state of shock. I had convinced myself that I was not going to win because the competition was stiff. I went against competitors
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