Creon In Oedipus The King

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Oedipus was a quick witted and successful leader blind to his own past. As king, it’s Oedipus’s duty to save the city again at any cost. As he is the one damning the city, Oedipus must find out about his past and he seems to be one of the few characters that doesn’t know about his past.

Creon is one of the first characters of Oedipus Rex to try and lead Oedipus into the right direction. Creon being more reserved first is hesitant on telling Oedipus what to do. Oedipus offends Creon, and that causes Creon to open on his information that could help the city. He speaks of an individual in the town, a prophet that knows what is causing the cities illness. Oedipus takes it upon himself to hunt down this killer and make them pay for their treasonous crime. Creon’s approach of speaking to Oedipus of the situation was suspicious. Why was Creon so hesitant on helping Oedipus?
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The blind prophet is the only one that knows the truth. Tiresias is resistant on telling Oedipus till he is threatened with treachery. Tiresias doesn’t seem concerned by the fate of the city with his hesitancy. Instead of helping Oedipus by telling him the truth, he leaves him with a crippling set of riddles. Tiresias was main character that stopped Oedipus from knowing his past. Only when his future was threatened did he hint that Oedipus killed his father and married his mother.…show more content…
Jocasta in the beginning of the play states she doesn’t believe in the prophecies. She continuously asks Oedipus to not to look further into the fortune. Even after all signs lead to Tiresias fortune being true, she heads Oedipus not to listen. Her resistant leads many to believe she knew that the prophecy was true. Her constant refusal of Oedipus hearing these truths makes it seem like she was also suspicious Oedipus is her
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