Creon's Thrasymachus Concept Of Justice

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Thrasymachus also argues that injustice benefits those in power to promote their perception of justice within their society. He adds that the rulers who benefit themselves are acting unjustly (Bloom 21). In essence, those in control of their society have the power to mold what it means to be just. To act justly is to benefit a stronger opposition. In addition, being just gives up your interests for the benefit of the stronger opposition. Thus, you are giving into their demands. Justice is a matter of subordination in which the weaker, smaller opposition has to discard their interests to the interests of the superior collective. For instance, when the subordinates of the rulers are abiding to their commands and interests, they are acting justly. But if the rulers are not subordinating their interests to anyone else, then they are acting unjustly. To be just to others is evidently a selfless act only to sacrifice your own interests to others. Thrasymachus way of defining justice differs from Polermarchus because you do not have to be the most virtuous person to be just in the context of …show more content…

Since he is the collective ruler of his city he basically gets to define what justice is. His influence sets the standard of what justice is and anyone who disagrees with him is basically an opposition opposing his views. As a ruler, your laws and ideas are affluent among your people and society. Therefore, those who are in power decide the rules of their society that will benefit them. The laws are not made to benefit the common people but to place them as subordinates in their society in which they have to abide by. If not, they are considered traitors to the state and possess a potential threat to their leadership. This is a possible reason why Creon decided to kill Antigone. When she broke the law, she was a potential threat to his rule and to his

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