Crescendo Alternate Ending

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The sky outside, like a sheet of dark velvet, was spattered with a thick smattering of glittering stars. A cool breeze slipped into the windows, caressing gently at his skin; the cold seeping into his aging bones. Deafening silence echoed through the empty halls of the old convent, pressing at him, ringing in his ears. Tonight, he felt more alone than ever. Tonight, with the pain in his body and the ache in his chest, the loneliness felt even more consuming. The creak of the old piano seat broke the thick layer of silence surrounding him. It was midnight, but he knew he wouldn't be bothering anyone. The priests and nuns alike knew this was what he did when nightmares haunted him, when memories of his past life kept appearing before his eyes…show more content…
His fingers trembled with a plethora of different emotions: sadness, anger, loneliness, regret. His body fought hard to contain his sobs, making the pain stronger; the tears and the pain blurring the vision. He let the song speak for him, pouring his sorrows out into every note, into every crescendo and decrescendo, into the melody he was playing. He let his heart leech through his fingers and skin and into the music. He even chuckled as the realization that the song was perfect sunk in. This was it. This was the night he was going to let go. Elias, Simoun thought, his breath growing labored. I miss you. I love you. As he played the last few keys, the pain in his chest, the ache in his bones grew stronger. His breath was nothing but a painful wheeze, as if his lungs were only giving him enough breath to finish the song. He was growing weaker. He knew, he would not live to see the sunrise. The way Elias died. He pressed the last key. The last note echoed throughout the chamber, along with the sound of his body falling to the ground. He finally saw Elias. He could finally feel his arms around him once
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