Crescent Pure

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Crescent Pure Case Analysis João Nunes The Lisbon MBA Part-Time 15/17 Contents Executive Summary Situation Analysis Company Customers Competition Energy Drinks Sports Drinks SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threaths Marketing strategy Positioning Alternatives Point of Parity with Energy Drinks Point of Parity with Sports Drinks Point of Differentiation from both categories Recommendation to Management Financials Breakeven Analysis Final Considerations Exhibits Executive Summary Sarah Ryan, VP of Marketing for Portland Drake Beverages is facing a tough decision of deciding the positioning and overall strategy for the impending launch of Crescent Pure, an all-natural, organic beverage PDB…show more content…
However, short term production capacity restraints limited PDB’s production of Crescent to 12,000 cases per month in 2014. Customers Looking at the Energy Drinks market, we find that the largest group of energy-drink consumers were males between ages 18 and 34. Parents of children were also more likely to consume energy drinks. The highest volume of energy drinks consumed was by respondents with a household income below $25,000 per year, quite lower than Crescent’s customer base with a median of $42,500. Regarding the Sports Drink market, roughly half of men drank sports drinks, while only a third of women did. Although 40% of men found sports drinks refreshing, only 27% of females did. Sports drinks appealed to younger consumers - 62% of those between ages 18 and 24, and 77% of those ages 12 to 17. Comparing these figures with those provided by the respondents of Crescent’s customer survey, we find that 80% of Crescent’s customer are aged 18-34, with 44% between 18 and 24. This result would fit better with the customer profiling of the Energy Drinks market. Crescent also had a larger portion of female customers (40%) than those who consumed Sports Drinks, which we can observe by the Retailer feedback and the customer demographic profile. Results from the focus groups showed that
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