Crested Geckos

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The Crested Gecko Daniel A. Sanchez COM/172 September 18, 2013 Lee Hornbrook The Crested Gecko The New Caledonian Crested Gecko is one of the most sought out reptiles in the herptoculture hobby today. This medium-sized gecko has all the qualities of what to expect of a pet lizard. They combine their sheer beauty and low maintenance and docile tempers, making it an all around great pet to own (Rhacodactylus, p. 16). In the herpetological society, the crested gecko’s popularity has grown above hobbyist, into the hands of many first time pet owners, giving a first time experience made easy. According to Fester, (2007) “the rare Crested Gecko thought to be extinct but rediscovered in New Caledonia in 1994” (fester’ at Ireland…show more content…
In my experience, holding these animals are not a challenge, making them easy to hand train by holding them three times a week for a few minutes at a time. They do, however have the tendency to leap like frogs so I would recommend letting them leap from hand to hand. The benefit of owning an animal of this size is also the enclosure they are kept in. According to De vosjoli, Fast, and Repashy (2003) “Baby crested geckos can be kept in small plastic keepers until they reach juvenile size, which is about five inches”(p. 19). I recently purchased a juvenile crested gecko, and its habitat is a medium sized terrarium, where it will live throughout its life span. In observing my daughters interaction with her crested gecko, it is clear that he is a manageable size and is not skirmish giving her an enjoyable experience with her new pet. While the crested gecko’s size makes them easy to handle, the care for crested geckos becomes easier and less expensive with little or no special lighting and heating needed. Heating and lighting are not necessary for crested geckos, keeping the cost of the supplies down, as well as the cost of electricity. According to Caponetto (2013) “ crested geckos are one of very few reptile species that thrive in virtually the same temperature range that humans also find comfortable” ( Since our family has owned this gecko our family has not
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