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The Challenge Should Crestfield accept the proposal to increase consumer advertising of its product line in 2004 by $225,000? Student Learning Goals 1.) Present an analysis of how consumers buy furniture given the data in the case that is relevant for Crestfield management. (30 points) Crestfield Industries uses a unique approach to selling their furniture and I feel it is important to understand their go to market selling strategy prior to determining how consumers buy from Crestfield. For starters, Crestfield employees 10 full time regional sales managers in the field that are factory trained to assist the distributors on the “Best Practices” of selling the features and benefits of the Crestfield furniture product offering.…show more content…
Like all consumers making big monetary purchases, I want to see what my purchase is going to look like prior to purchase and also what it feels like when I sit down or lay down on it. Furniture is a very personal purchase and touching and feeling are all part of the decision making process, so presentation is critical to the purchase. 2.) What should be the prioritized communication objectives for 2004 and why? (20 points) Crestfield is planning on launching a new line of furniture in 2004 and consumers need to be educated on the features and benefits of the furniture. Statistics show that consumers do not understand how furniture is made and what separates good quality from bad. I would advocate that Crestfield commit to advertising in trade magazines (Shelter) and cooperative advertising to get the word out that they are launching a new product line. Additionally, Crestfield needs to develop their web-site to be an educational vehicle where potential consumers can learn about their manufacturing techniques and also warranties of their furniture. Web-site, is one of the most effective selling tools the company can have and I feel the buying public uses search engines to ferret out their purchase choices so Crestfields need to be the best in the industry. I would start by purchasing placement on all the top search engines like Google to ensure when a potential customer searches for furniture Crestfields name is placed in the top three

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