Cretors Case Study

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CRETORS VIDEO CASE STUDY STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT SUMMER SEMESTER 2011 PROFESSOR STEPHEN COURTER Santiago Ennis Exporting has become a very important business strategy nowadays. In order for firms to expand to the international market, and also to maintain and grow their share of market in whatever industry they are in, depending on their goals and objectives, any company must at least explore this possibility. A few and important advantages might come into place, in that they can extend their sales potential of their existing products, increasing margins through a larger customer base. Also, these small to large businesses can consolidate by gaining global share of market, they can reduce their dependence on their existing markets,…show more content…
They had to stay current with different voltages, safety & operational procedures (temperature and electrical). Strategic Formulation and Implementation came into place. Relationships were the core of their export business. International partnerships gave them presence in North and South America, Europe and Asia. Working through distributors, made it easier to sell their products. These distributors knew every little aspect of their clients, and made it easier to find potential clients than Cretor could. These made them have both bargaining power of suppliers and buyers, in that they were still one of the very few making these machines, and throughout these distributors, they had specific knowledge of their current and potential clients overseas. Cretors also kept personal relationships. They had good friends internationally. There were some businesses that started small, which had a more personal relationship with them. In order to assure that their machines stayed in good conditions, they currently have approved service centers around the world. These centers would act as a link between Cretors and their customers. A service representative was at the center, who would fix the problem almost the first time, making them look smart and professional, and also making very cheap centers to maintain. Having a single distributor in each part of the world (Spain, Italy, Germany) These representatives had to drive 200-300 miles, and you definitely
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