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When my wife and I had our first baby, we wanted to make sure that she had the best of everything. Like most parents, her health and safety were our top priorities, and that was true for pretty much everything. One thing that we decided fairly early on, however, was that we wanted her to sleep in a crib after her first birthday. We liked the idea of co-sleeping, but due to our work schedules, we wouldn’t be able to do that effectively for very long. I would work evenings, and my wife would work during the day, so we traded off. Thus, crib sleeping was imperative so that we could both get our much-needed sleep. That’s when we found the Colgate Eco Classica III. Here’s why we chose this crib mattress over all the others. Do You Need a Crib Mattress? If you’ve decided that your baby will sleep in a crib, then it’s critical that you get a crib mattress. The reason for this is that a mattress will provide the support, comfort, and protection for your baby while he or she is sleeping. For some parents, they feel that other cushions or padding can do…show more content…
We lived in a small apartment, so it wasn’t really feasible to get a crib or anything, and he certainly wouldn’t be able to sleep in his own room, so we felt that getting a crib wasn’t necessary. It was a challenge, to be sure, but we got through it well enough. For our second child, however, we knew that it was time to get a crib. My wife was earning great money, and we had just bought a house, so it felt right to have our next son sleep on his own. While we did miss the bond that was created by co-sleeping, we knew that it would probably be better to get him to sleep in a crib. That’s when we found the Babyletto Pure Core Crib Mattress. We knew that, for his benefit, we’d not only have to get the best crib but the best mattress so he could sleep comfortably. Here’s why we chose this model over the competition. Do You Need a Crib
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