Cricut Mill Research Paper

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Are you thinking about buying a Cricut machine? These personal die cutters from Provo Craft offer a wealth of crafting possibilities, but it can be very confusing trying to decide which model to buy. The machines do share some features, but they also are each unique from one another in various ways.

Before we discuss their differences, let's talk about how they are same. First, these die cutters are considered cartridge-based machines. They use artwork and fonts that are available on cartridges. This means that all the machines, with the exception of the Cricut Mini, can be used without a computer. Simply plug in the cartridge, select your shape and size, and press cut.

In addition to the cartridges, all the electronic die cut machines from
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In addition to the regular cartridges, it also uses Imagine cartridges, which contain not only die cut shapes, but also patterns for making your own scrapbook papers. The machine uses HP printer cartridges and can print 1200 dots per inch.

As of this writing, the Cricut Mini is the newest die cut machine from Provo Craft. The Mini is unique in many ways. For one, although it has a cartridge port, it must be connected to the computer and to the CraftRoom design tool in order to cut. It is not yet compatible with the Gypsy, but this capability should be coming soon. It has the smallest footprint compared to the other models, and it uses a uniquely sized cutting mat of 8-1/2" x 12".

Which Cricut machine is best? If you ask ten different people, you will likely get ten different answers. To decide which one to buy, think about how you will use it. Will you use it for only card making and scrapbooking? If so, the Create may be a good option for you. Do you also plan to make home decor projects and three-dimensional paper crafts? In this case, you may want to consider the Expression or the E2. Do you want to use your computer when designing die cuts? The E2 or the new Mini may be your best
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