Crime Against Women

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RISING CRIME AGAINST WOMEN IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES. The rising crime rate against women especially children in developing countries is appalling. The lethargy of law enforcement agencies have rendered otherwise tough laws redundant. Corruption is the worst nightmare for women. India a relatively safe country has become dangerous for women, where even 4 year old girls are not safe in their own homes. Shameful for a country which worships goddesses and virgin girls. There is a desperate need for Human Rights Activism which will be free of local interferences. There should be a human rights courts having a single world office where all crimes against women must be tried and punished, taking out local tampering. Since the world has become a…show more content…
In other countries such as Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam public urination is practised by women when there are no toilets. Resisting urination leads to harassment and UTI in women. [6] [7] [8] [9] [edit] Dowry Main articles: Dowry and Dowry law in India In 1961, the Government of India passed the Dowry Prohibition Act,[10] making the dowry demands in wedding arrangements illegal. However, many cases of dowry-related domestic violence, suicides and murders have been reported. In the 1980s, numerous such cases were reported. However, recent reports show that the number of these crimes have reduced drastically.[11] In 1985, the Dowry Prohibition (maintenance of lists of presents to the bride and bridegroom) rules were framed.[12] According to these rules, a signed list of presents given at the time of the marriage to the bride and the bridegroom should be maintained. The list should contain a brief description of each present, its approximate value, the name of whoever has given the present and his/her relationship to the person. A 1997 report[13] claimed that at least 5,000 women die each year because of dowry deaths, and at least a dozen die each day in 'kitchen fires' thought to be intentional. The term for this is "bride burning" and is
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