Crime Alerts : An Irksome And Flawed System

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Crime Alerts: An Irksome and Flawed System
“University of Iowa officials received a report of a sexual assault that occurred during the early hours of Saturday, March 4, 2017 by a white male at a west side residence hall. No further details are available.” It is not a typical weekend if my email is not bombarded with Crime Alerts from the University of Iowa Department of Public Safety. Normally I brush these messages off and continue to enjoy my weekend, but this time it was different. My floormates in my dorm call me over urgently, “Maxx, did you see the crime alert in the email? We think it is Christian(Name changed for privacy).” Not for one second did I believe that it was christian, but my friends were convinced that
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According to the Daily Aztec news source, which has been an independent news source for San Diego State University since 1913, The Afrikan Student Excellence Council (ASEC) held meetings alongside other cultural groups across campus to discuss racial profiling in the San Diego State University Police department 's crime alerts. One of their supporters Shellie Stamps, who is the Association of Africana Studies Majors and Minors President said, “The Main Concern, which was cause for the meeting, was racial profiling”. As the meeting went on, students offered testimonies about incidents in which they were victims of the crime alerts, similar to my own scenario. Students said that the “ambiguity” of the crime alerts targeted African American males which alluded them to be subjected to many uncomfortable situations and very insensitive racial jokes. One of the victims, named Jonathan Cunha, told his story and said, “Last year I had some of my classmates joking, ‘Oh you robbed somebody again, people were always saying, ‘wow these descriptions, they sound a lot like you.” The main issue that comes from this is whether or not the racial descriptions are necessary and are effective in capturing the suspects of the crime. San Diego State University students who rallied are a good example of the steps needed in order to get a

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