Crime And Crime Of The United States

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Recent surveys have indicated that crime rate in the United States is on the rise. Crime in the U.S. is classified into property crime and violent crime. These criminal activities have a considerable impact on a state’s social and economic growth and development. Different states in the U.S. have developed different strategies to combat crime, which continues to transform in form and frequency. A number of policies, options, and approaches to crime control exist. This report explores some of the policies, options, and approaches that could be used by Florida to enhance crime control. While Florida is already utilizing some of the strategies explored in this report, some of these strategies do not provide effective results in crime…show more content…
Violent crime covers four categories of offenses: robbery, forcible rape, aggravated assault, murder and non-negligent manslaughter. Property crime on the other hand comprises four classes of offences namely: arson, burglary, motor vehicle theft, and larceny (Bioshop and Frazier, 2006). Florida is one of the states in the U.S. that consistently encounters social, environmental, economic, and security challenges. This is attributed to the influx of immigrants into the State. The current trends of developments being witnessed in Florida have come with several problems, with insecurity being a major concern. For example, the crime rate in the State of Florida continues to be major concern for both the Floridians and those visiting the State. In 2010 for instance, the Bureau of Justice reported that Florida was the second State in the U.S. with the highest Crime Index (FJJAB, 2011). Similarly, Florida is currently the state with the highest incidence of violent crime in the U.S. Furthermore, it is ranked the third in vehicle theft, second highest for property crimes, and first in number of aggravated assaults (Bioshop and Frazier, 2006). Drug trafficking is another form of crime that continues to affect Florida. In terms of prison population, Florida has the largest prison population in the U.S, with most prisons and detention facilities suffering from extreme strain on their resources (FJJAB, 2011). The high crime rate in Florida continues to negatively
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