Crime And Crime Prevention Programs

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Criminal activities will never completely end, owing to the human nature of wanting to defy law and order. However, criminal activities can be mitigated. The history of crime is as old as the beginning of life itself. In every generation of time, we learn of people who engaged in crimes against the law and who were punished in accordance to law of the lands in which they lived. Today, methods of mitigating crime have greatly improved, so has the methods of committing crime. It’s a delicate game. The reception of crime prevention programs has however been on the rise and people are beginning to see the effect of these programs owing to many cases being solved and more criminals brought to justice. Technology has had much to contribute to the emergence of programs that make it easier to detect and mitigate criminal activities. Towards this regard, this paper develops a program that acts as a proposal showing how criminal activities could be mitigated. The paper will investigate crime rates in various states and offer a proposition on how these crimes could be minimized or done away with altogether.
Jurisdiction of the proposal
The proposal outlined here will be applicable to a state or city. Larger forms of jurisdiction will not be fully captured in this proposal. The proposal will mainly be focused on crime prevention measures but it can canvass other modes of the crime prevention program. The adult justice system will be the major point of focus in this…
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