Crime And Crime Prevention Programs

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Briana Manning Criminal Justice 190 Issue Paper 12/18/2014 Ever since the 1990’s there has been a decrease in crime. Although, there are many plausible reasons for the decrease in crime such has employment rates, age, economic improvement, or culture variation. However, two other factors play a part in the crime decrease such as a result of better policing methods. Crime prevention programs have been developed and used all over the United States. Over the years, these different prevention programs help contribute to crime decrease. They also have been a great success in the communities. Another reason may be a result of the increase in incarceration and education on crime since the 1990’s. Although, they might not be the main reasons for the decrease in crime but they certainly play a part. Explanations for the Decline Improvement in Policing Strategies There are different types of crime prevention programs. Community based crime prevention is one of them. This type of prevention program involves the community helping take initiative in preventing crime in their communities. The main purpose of community policing is to of course prevent crime, but they also want to build a relationship with the community. Law enforcement officers are very fond of the method of policing. The community and law enforcement haven’t had the best relationship. As well as they are seen as the bad guy, which causes people to think badly of law enforcement. However, community policing allows law
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