Crime And Drugs : A Modern Dilemma Of Today 's Society

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Crime and drugs are a modern dilemma of today 's society. These both are related to each other in so many ways. Most of the people believe that crime has increased because of the use of illegal drugs and because of that, illegal drugs should never be legalized. This study will be focusing on what different types of crime are, and how can those be controlled . Also, how the legalization of drugs should be helpful in reducing the crime rate, and what would be the other benefits of it . Crime is anything which is not legal to do. It includes stealing, killing or any other illegal activity which is restricted by the law. According to Wealth of nations by Adam Smith, “ Government in market economy has three major responsibilities: to provide national defense, to establish in exact system of justice and to ensure the availability of certain public works and institutions (Applegate,161) .” By providing national defense, he meant the protection of its citizen from danger of foreign countries. To ensure the exact system of justice was to protect its citizens, from crime and from its own bad citizens. Last but not the least, Smith proposed that Government should also be responsible to provide its people with laws and infrastructure, education, and instruction institutions for people of all ages. When establishing exact system of justice what government will be doing is maintaining its internal orders. People of united states believe that government is spending too little on crime
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