Crime And Drugs : The Relationship Between Drugs And Crime

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The Relationship between Drugs and Crime In this dissertation, I would like to discuss how crime and drug use is complex. There are numerous factors that lead people to misuse drugs. These are a variety of social, psychological and economic factors. Gender and age are proven factors statistically but not enough research has been carried out to be able to consider an accurate assessment of a true account of how crime and drugs go hand in hand with each other. In my dissertation. We will be looking into how drug users become physical and phycological dependence on drugs. We will look at the burden that can be placed on an impressionable people by having dysfunctional families as well as having peer pressure from friends. The factors that we are going to look at could be cause by a person's family genes or it could be down to a personality trait that plays a massive role in a person misusing drugs as well as being involved in criminal behavior. It is also clear that there is a connection between drug taking and crime but the link is not as clear to get an arcuate reading from this. It could be considered that they are factors that incline that people to have different behaviors and drug misuse. Or is it that one could lead to another. We will consider at some length to what is being done to help police drug crime and conclude that it is being challenged every day by the police and other organizations because of the ever-increasing problem in society, such that

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