Crime And Human Rights : Criminology Of Genocide And Atrocities

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For the book review assignment, I chose to read “Crime and Human Rights: Criminology of Genocide and Atrocities”. I chose this book, because the study of genocide is interesting to me, in learning about why it happens and how to stop it from happening in the future. In regards to the essay, it is going to be broken into three different parts. The first part, which is planned to be about half of the essay, will talk about a couple of the major themes of the book. The second part will consist of showing how the book is tied to content we have learned in class. And to wrap up the paper, I will talk about some of the strengths and weaknesses of the book. The first major theme I am going to talk about is the criminology of genocide and how it unfolds. In explaining the criminology of genocide, the book used historical cases of genocide to explain their reasons for genocide unfolding. First off, according to the book, genocide is more likely to happen in countries with a weak government (Savelsberg 3). In other words, any country that has lack of leadership and control of the people are more likely to be prone to genocide occurring. Other factors that can contribute to genocide are racism and any political upheaval. In explaining why and how genocide unfolds, the book used the example of the holocaust in order to provide a real life situation to put the concepts to life. The book examines the steps that it took for the German genocidal regime to be put into place. This helps give

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