Crime And Its Effect On Society Essay

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Since the beginning of time crime has always been factor in humanity. In the bible, crime started from Adam and Eve the first man and women. From eating of the forbidden tree to current stage of time, crime has become a part of the human society. However, what is considered a crime and what is not is something that is still controversial. Crime can be defined as a wrong doing by an individual that another individual or groups of individual consider to be criminal. Because the definition of crime is based on human interpretation and individual beliefs, what is criminal and what is not is constantly changing. Thus, what was considered criminal in the current decade may have or not been considered criminal previous years. Two major factor of crime is the punishment that is associated with the wrong doing and the individual that is involved. Therefore, some people may commit the same crime but how the individuals are punished would be different. Which leds to segregation of criminals that can be based on their gender, age and color. In the current court of crime, the only separation is based on gender and age. Children under eighteen years old are considered juvenile and above are considered adults. However, in past there was no segregation of children from those considered to be adults. In a research by Ann Crowe, “English Common Law, which formed a foundation for the American justice system, also did not recognize a special category of juvenile crimes. Rather, youthful
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