Crime And Its Effect On Society Essay

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Crime prevalently commits around the globe either at the past time or even in this present and ongoing society. Crime is not commendable to commit in any society, however, we cannot rule out the possibility that, it is there as a complex issue and could be explained as a part of society life. So, what crime actually is? Crime delineates as an illegal act either against law, collective wellbeing, or even political wellbeing (Bradley & Walters, 2011). It then overall deems as a kind of harmful behavior towards certain values or norms of the society it committed in.
Becker (from labelling theory) argued that no action in itself crime or deviant, it depends upon who commits it, who sees it, and what action is taken about it (Becker, 1991). So it is to underline that crime is really a social creation, and does not have such reality of its own, historical relative and characterized by the constant changing (Henry, 2001; Bradley & Walters, 2011). This is not the conclusion, as we continually seek to understand such claim that crime is a product of the society and always shifting over time and place.
In this essay I will unpack three motives of why crime has been posited to be a social construction rather a reality in itself autonomous or neutral. Three different approaches will be proposed to justify crime as a social fabrication, which are; First Crime is a legal based fabrication which takes a form on the doctrinal argument by judges and bring existence to such
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