Crime And Its Effect On The Middle Ages Essay

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During the Middle Ages, criminals were punished in many different ways. The punishment was all dependent upon the severity of the crime. Punishments ranged from a simple fine all the way up to a death sentence. There were three types of law that governed the people: natural law, divine law, and customary law. The type of crime was based off of the governing law that was broken. Some of the biggest were crimes against God, crimes against the king, felonies, and commercial crime. The biggest flaw within the court system is that the rich were able to hire better lawyers and those lawyers were able to lessen the sentences. Criminal activity was not taken lightly during the Middle Ages because the objective was to strike fear within the people 's hearts and make them tremble at the thought of disobeying the law. Crimes against God or the church increased vastly during the Middle Ages due to all of the controversy going on during this time period. One of the biggest factors that lead to this form of crime was The Great Schism. The Great Schism was the division of the western and eastern christians causing there to be one pope in Rome and another in France. This produced a lot of confusion and distrust within the church causing some to lose their loyalty. Crimes could range from lying to the church all the up to heresy. Crimes against the king held some of the biggest punishments there were. The king represented the nation and anybody willing to betray the country was directly
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